5 Novels To Read Right Now In 2024 by Black Authors



In the modern literary space black authors have been absolutely killing it with stories that are both deep and meaningful.

We’re talking about novels that give us a front-row seat to the complexities of the intricacies of human relationships.

Buckle up as we explore some must-reads that deserve a spot on your shelf or e-reader

An American Marriage

By Tayari Jones

Picture this:

Celestial and Roy are two newlyweds embarking on the journey of married life. When all of a sudden they find their world shattered when the justice system fails Roy in a devastating way.

Tayari Jones masterfully crafts more than just a tale of romance. She intricately intertwines themes of love, fidelity, and the harsh realities of the American legal system.

An American Marriage is a narrative that ignites a fervent passion for love but also sparks a fiery discourse on societal injustices.

an American marriage by

This book is an absolute must-read for several reasons:

Firstly, it has received the coveted seal of approval from none other than Oprah. Who has selected this novel for her esteemed Book Club. 

This endorsement speaks volumes about the profound impact and universal resonance of An American Marriage.

Furthermore readers are invited to delve into a profound exploration of the resilience of love when confronted with the crushing weight of injustice. It’s a gripping narrative that will evoke a spectrum of emotions while prompting profound contemplation.

Who should pick up this book:

Anyone captivated by narratives that delve into the complexities of systemic injustice while simultaneously immersing readers in a love story that defies simplicity.

An American Marriage is a compelling read for those who seek stories that provoke thought.

If you are looking for something that stirs the soul, and lingers in the mind long after the final page is turned this is the book for you.


The Sellout

By Paul Beatty

Prepare yourself:

The Sellout, fearlessly tackles racial stereotypes with razor-sharp wit and a healthy dose of satire.

This novel is a rollercoaster of emotions, seamlessly transitioning from moments of uproarious laughter to profound contemplation of societal issues.

In addition this is a literary work that fearlessly pushes boundaries and embraces discomfort as a means of conveying its powerful message.

Why is The Sellout an absolute must-read? 

Well, it clinched the prestigious Man Booker Prize for its daring and innovative narrative style.

Importantly this accolade alone speaks volumes about the impact and significance of Beatty’s work.

The Sellout is a gem for those who appreciate a book that challenges conventional norms.

It also prompts a reevaluation of race relations in America through a lens that is as incisive as it is humorous

Paul Beaty The Sell Out

Who should add The Sellout to their reading list?

Those who relish social critiques served with a generous dose of humor and irreverence will find this novel particularly enticing.

If you’re someone who embraces literature that dares to provoke thought and challenge perceptions and are looking for books from black authors.

Then The Sellout is an essential addition to your bookshelf.

Get ready for a reading experience that is both thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining.

Friday Black

By Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah

Get Ready:

For a mind-bending journey into the dystopian realm with Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah’s “Friday Black.”

Firstly this collection of short stories delivers a potent blend of dystopian elements and biting story telling.

Moreover it does this through tackling weighty issues such as racism and consumerism with a boldness that is both imaginative and disconcerting.

Why won’t you be able to tear yourself away:

Well, for starters, it’s incredibly inventive and offers profound insights into the human condition.

Adjei-Brenyah’s speculative fiction charm captivates readers, prompting them to reexamine societal norms through a completely different lens.

Whether you’re drawn to the genre for its imaginative world-building or its thought-provoking themes.

Friday Black is a must-read that seamlessly blends fiction with a stark dose of reality check

Who is Friday Black tailor-made for?

Speculative fiction enthusiasts will find themselves enthralled by Adjei-Brenyah’s unique storytelling style and imaginative narratives.

Additionally, this collection appeals to anyone who enjoys stories that deftly blend elements of horror and humour. This approach helps to confront the complexities of the real world head-on.

With its thought-provoking tales and gripping storytelling, Friday Black is a literary gem that promises to leave a lasting impression on readers and further showcase the penmanship of contemporary black authors.

How Beautiful We Were

By Imbolo Mbue

Imbued with the spirit of resistance:

Mbue transports readers to a fictional African village where a tale unfolds that is gut-wrenching and uplifting.

At its core, the story revolves around David, representing the village, as it bravely confronts the formidable Goliath in the form of an American oil company.

Through this David versus Goliath struggle, Mbue delves deep into themes of environmental activism, sacrifice, and the unyielding pursuit of justice.

What sets this novel apart?

Mbue once again asserts her literary prowess, delivering a powerful reminder of the strength found in community solidarity.

And further explores the devastating consequences of environmental degradation.

Besides her poignant storytelling, Mbue crafts a narrative that resonates deeply.

Urging readers to confront the harsh realities of our world while also offering a glimmer of hope in the face of adversity.

How Beautiful We were Imbolo Mbue

Who should pick up this book without hesitation?

If you are passionate about environmental activism and drawn to stories of marginalised communities bravely challenging the oppressive forces of corporate greed, then this is a must-read for you.

Undoubtedly Mbue’s narrative shines a spotlight on the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of collective action.

Making it an essential addition to the reading list of anyone committed to learning from the perspective of  black authors.

Such a Fun Age

By Kiley Reid

Kiley Reid presents a contemporary narrative that feels eerily familiar:

Resonating deeply with readers through its exploration of privilege, and personal identity.

The story follows Emira, a young black babysitter, and Alix, a white blogger, as their lives become intertwined in a complex tapestry of societal expectations and personal discovery.

What makes Such a Fun Age so incredibly relatable?

Black authors such as Reid offer a fresh perspective on the intricacies of race and privilege, skilfully weaving together themes of personal growth and the nuances of employer-employee relationships.

Furthermore with a narrative that is both incisive and perceptive, Reid invites readers to engage in meaningful conversations about the complexities of modern-day social dynamics.

Who should be reaching for a copy of this book?

Furthermore anyone captivated by the intricacies of navigating racial tensions in contemporary society will find themselves drawn to Such a Fun Age.

Reid’s narrative serves as a thought-provoking examination of the intersectionality of race, class, and privilege, making it a compelling read for those who seek stories that are as intellectually stimulating as they are entertaining.

Subsequently if you’re looking for a novel that challenges your perspectives and leaves you pondering long after the final page, then Such a Fun Age deserves a prominent spot on your reading list.


These novels penned by black authors offer more than just compelling stories; they serve as insightful reflections on race, justice, and love.

Along with the diverse narratives presented in each book, readers gain valuable perspectives and engage in thought-provoking discussions about the complexities of the human experience.

Whether delving into themes of resistance, privilege, or personal growth, these books provide meaningful insights that resonate long after the final page.

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