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Here at Internet Scribes our goal is to nurture a warm, welcoming network where minority authors, writers and influencers can gather like a family to share resources and help ambitious talents reach their full potential.

We seek to democratise the playing field for aspiring minority creatives particularly in the field of literature.

We provide professional support to minority authors and creative writers, offering expert guidance in the marketing and promotion of their books and literary works. 

We also offer a number of resources for both influencers and micro influencers looking to expand there presence on social media in particular booktok, bookstagram, booktube etc

To learn more about our resources and services please refer to our about page or contact us directly.

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At Internet Scribes, we are committed to supporting you with comprehensive resources via our articles and events. However, we recognise that individuals with particular concerns or objectives might seek a more personalised approach. To accommodate this need, we offer professional consultation services. During these consultations, our team members are available to address your unique inquiries in a relaxed and supportive environment.

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