Internet Scribes is a community crafted by and for literature enthusiasts, dedicated to providing essential resources for minority creatives to thrive and succeed in their literary pursuits.


Here at Internetscribes we offer a range of free and premium resources for established and aspiring creatives, including authors, writers, and literary influencers, which are aimed at advancing your careers and passions within our comprehensive learning hub.


We’re dedicated to nurturing ethnic minority influencers in the booktube, booktok, and bookstagram communities, providing not just advice and connections but also a warm, supportive space filled with informative articles and a network of like-minded individuals.


At Internet Scribes, we understand the unique challenges faced by minority creatives and are committed to offering comprehensive support. Our team provides in-depth consultations to address your specific concerns, ensuring personalised and effective assistance.


We strive to foster a nurturing space for individuals from minority backgrounds by hosting webinars, lectures, seminars, book clubs, and more, aiming to provide access to valuable information and experiences that enhance learning and growth.

Publish Your Writing

At Internet Scribes, we empathise with the difficulty of sharing your writing with the world, which inspired one of our core goals: to create a welcoming platform where writers can publish their work to an audience of like-minded individuals and receive immediate compensation and exposure.


At the centre of our mission lies a robust community, uniting writers, authors, and literary influencers. We provide an opportunity for you to connect, network, and collaborate with like-minded individuals who can offer direct support and inspiration for your goals.

Leveling the playing field

Internet Scribes was founded to dismantle the traditional barriers in the literary world, encompassing everything from publishing and digital writing to influencing. Historically, these barriers have been formidable, often hindering aspiring talents from entering the literary arena.

Our mission is clear: to reverse this trend and empower minorities to carve their niche in the literary sphere. We collaborate with top industry experts in marketing, writing, publishing, and more, each offering tailored insights to meet your specific goals, whether in literary influencing, publishing, or other areas.

The emergence of Internet Scribes is a response to the growing interest in literary subcultures like booktok and bookstagram. We recognise the untapped potential of disadvantaged creatives and are committed to providing them a platform where their voices can be amplified and their talents can flourish.

Internet Scribes is a dynamic gathering place for diverse communities of book lovers and writers from across the digital landscape. Our mission is to elevate ethnic minority creatives in the literary field, catering to a broad spectrum of talent that includes micro influencers, influencers, as well as writers and authors.

In our quest to nurture budding and established literary careers, we offer an array of both free and premium resources. These include detailed articles and trend analyses spanning booktok, bookstagram, and booktube, as well as practical support for writers and authors to refine their craft. Our platform also hosts webinars, book clubs, and lectures, aimed at fostering positive literary discourse and providing engaging, thought-provoking content from both the Internet Scribes team and our expansive community.

Ultimately, the Internet Scribes team is made up of people just like you – passionate book lovers who wanted to level the playing field are are dedicated to assisting fellow minority figures in overcoming historical barriers and achieving success. We’re thrilled to be on this journey with you, sharing in your literary aspirations and triumphs.


Internet Scribes serves as a dynamic hub and learning space where both aspiring and established creatives in the literary field can come together, find inspiration, and propel their careers and passions forward.

As a scribe, you unlock a multitude of exclusive benefits: such as full access to premium articles and the opportunity to attend rewarding and educational events these include virtual book clubs, lectures, seminars, webinars and networking events.

Moreover, becoming a scribe means joining a vibrant community of creators who share similar backgrounds and passions, fostering a space of mutual support and inspiration.

Additionally, your scribe status grants you special access within our Discord server, where you can explore members only channels and attend exclusive events hosted there.

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Our mission is deeply rooted in supporting individuals from marginalized groups, which is why much of our work is dedicated to empowering these communities. However, we recognize the universal value of our resources and warmly invite individuals from all communities to benefit from them if they find them helpful and relevant to their needs.

At Internet Scribes, our support extends across the entire literary spectrum. While we devote considerable effort to assisting influencers, we are equally passionate and resource-rich in our support for writers, authors, and various other roles within the literary field. Our commitment is to nurture and aid every facet of the literary community.

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How We Can Help You


If you are an author or writer from a minority group, Internet Scribes provides you with access to a diverse and dynamic community of influencers and thinkers. This network offers organic promotion opportunities for your book and connects you with individuals who can genuinely relate to and understand your stories.

Digital Creators

Are you eager to kickstart your writing career or take your passion to the next level? Join our community at Internet Scribes, where you can share your work, gain greater visibility, and receive well-deserved recognition and rewards for your efforts.


Gone are the days of relying on generic advice from publishing agents or influencer agencies. At Internet Scribes, immerse yourself in articles, consultations, and learning resources specifically tailored for various minority groups, acknowledging and addressing the unique challenges you may face due to your identity.


If you're an influencer or looking to become one on platforms such as booktok, bookstagram or booktube, Internet Scribes is here to support your growth journey. We provide an abundance of resources to deepen your platform expertise, along with opportunities to connect with authors, writers, and unique branding opportunities.

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